среда, 22 января 2014 г.

Домашняя работа

1) I think that advertising isn't an important part of our society, but it is still the part of it. Advertisements are everywhere, I suppose, no one is able to get away from this. 
2) As I said, it is barely possible to get away from advertising. When you watching TV, serfing the Enternet, walking throw the park or even go for a walk into a forest nearby city, you can find leaflets, see billboards, etc. Even our friends (classmates; another strangers:) ) can tell us about different goods. 
3) Nobody can deny, that advertising affects everyone. It influence our minds, makes us buy stuff we don't need, but they persuade us, that without this good, your life will not be as a rainbow, only with this product people will love. Thanks god, that  some advertisement are normal. 
4) If I were a company owner, I would spend money on advertising. This is one of the most important thing you have to do. Without advertising your company, there is 25% that people will notice you. 
5) The adverts I like most are celebrity endorsements. It is always interesting and fascinating seeing your favourite stars advertising something. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger advertised Japanese food in really funny way. 
6) The ones that annoy me most are pop-ups. When they are suddenly appear, it freaks me out, because in those moments I am searching information I need, I am not looking for "Are you interested in games?"
7) In major, I buy the first product I find, well, it is not a huge problem, if I will spend 2-3 rubles more than in another shop, but if I am planning to buy something expensive, I will shop around. 
8) As I said,if I am planning to buy something expensive, I will read product reviews before buying something. 
9) As twice I said, if I am planning to buy something expensive, I will check out prices and compare products on the Net. Last month, I helped my uncle to buy a mobile phone. I have been checking out prices and compare goods for about 3 hours, it was really exhausting.In the end, I was really tired and my eyes were red. 

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