воскресенье, 26 января 2014 г.

Evaluating advertisments. Something for the summer (Zoku Quick Pop Maker)

The advertisement about Zoku Quick Pop Maker is intriguing, gives(in general terms) information about possibilities of the device.But in my opinion, it is manipulates parent's feelings by saying "they are eating a lot of sugar",so some of them begin to feel guilty and stuff and to live down the guilt, they might buy Zoku.

By the way, it looks like a review or a message from  a happy customer than an advert.The information does not look reliable (no figures or sources).

Nonetheless,there is no extra information,which is easy to miss and, what is more, no stereotypes, which is commonplace in ads.

As I said, the advert a little bit manipulates people, it influences people in different ways, first one - pangs of conscience (children eat a lot of sugar), second one - the advert persuades us that we need the product to be happier (kids will love their daily lolly and you'll love to see them eating healthy food).

You should think twice before you buy this product, you need to read reviews and consult with relatives.

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